ADVISORY: Microsoft Remote Desktop Client 8.0.40 from Microsoft Broken

ADVISORY: Microsoft Remote Desktop Client 8.0.40 from Microsoft Broken [RESOLVED]

UPDATE - October 16, 2017
Microsoft has released a the new Microsoft Remote Desktop client Beta which now supports Remote Resources. This version does have the working mouse with multiple monitors. Please keep in mind that this is still a beta version of the client, and some bugs may still be discovered before it becomes available for general release. Please use at your own risk.

Download Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac (Beta)

UPDATE - July 19, 2017

Microsoft has released a new update to the client (version 8.0.41) which resolves the skewed screen issue. Please install the latest version from the Mac AppStore.

ADVISORY - June 20, 2017

In the beginning of June 2017, Microsoft released an update to their Microsoft Remote Desktop client for Mac (version 8.0.40) which breaks the functionality.
We advise our users to not update to this version, and remain on the 8.0.39 or older for a functional client.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. Unfortunately, this is a change that is not within gotomyerp's control.

I already updated, and now my client is broken. Now what?

If you already updated, and you are getting an illegible screen when launching your app, you will need to roll back to a previous version.
Unfortunately, Microsoft does not make the rollback to an earlier client easy. However, we have made this client available to you here. Please click to download the client and follow the instructions below to replace your client with the older version.

Instructions to replace the Microsoft Remote Desktop client with the previous version

To replace the existing version please do the following:
  • Close the application on your Mac
  • Unzip the file you downloaded
  • Move the file to your "Applications" folder on your Mac, replacing the existing version.
We also recommend changing the AppStore setting to not allow automatic updates of applications, else the broken version will get automatically reinstalled after a while.
To do this:
  • Open your App Store by going to the Apple Menu and click on "App Store"
  • Go to the App Store Preferences
  • Uncheck the "Install App Updates"
    Disable automatic installation of app updates