Can not see Sage - QuickBooks and other applications interface after clicking on the application

Can not see Sage, QuickBooks and other applications' interface after clicking on the application


After you login to the application portal and click on one of the icons to launch an application nothing happens OR
After you enter Sage or QuickBooks password you do not see the application interface OR
You see the application minimized in the taskbar but when you click on it, the interface doesn't come up


Possible Cause #1

The issue happens because your application is minimized as shown in the below image

Possible Cause #2

Another cause for this is that you had previously used your application while having 1 or more external monitors attached, and you have since either disconnected those monitors, or are connecting to your hosted environment from another location (i.e: From home vs. Office, or Office desktop vs. Laptop)
Some applications memorize the coordinates of their window locations as user preferences. Unfortunately, they do not always account for and re-calibrate coordinates when the application window exists outside of the parameters of an active monitor.


Resolution #1

  1. Hold the "Shift" key then right-click on the application icon in the task bar
  2. Click on "Maximize" or "Restore"

Resolution #2

  1. Hold the "Shift" key, then right-click on the application icon in the task bar
  2. Click on "Move"
  3. Now press the "Arrow" button your keyboard to begin moving in the direction of your monitor. After pressing the "Arrow" button once, you the window will attach to the mouse pointer, so you may move your mouse, and the window will move along with it: At this point, simply drag the window into view.