How to succesfully login to FileBridge after changing your password

Cannot login to FileBridge after changing password


You change your password for one of the following reasons:
  • You decided to change it yourself
  • You received a notification of password expiration, and reset it as a result
  • Your password expired, and you reset it using SSRPM or by contacting support
When you change your password, double clicking on your FileBridge drive (typically G: or P: drive), fails.


  1. Verify that you have the correct password:
    1. Click on your desktop shortcut (just like you normally would to access your application, i.e: Sage, Quickbooks, etc...)  - Internet explorer will open up
      Application Shortcut

    2. If you are signed in, click on the "Sign Out" link

    3. Type your username
    4. Manually type in your password. Make sure that you don't accept a password that your browser may have remembered.
    5. If you are able to get to your application list at this point, then you know that your password is correct.

  2. Open the "MapFileBridge" utility from your desktop, then type in that same password that you used to login to the portal in step #1.

    1. If it works. You're all done
    2. If it does not work, please reboot your computer first, then try that again.

Further Troubleshooting:

If it is still not working, please note:

Your application password (Sage, QuickBooks, Misys, etc) is not the same as your portal password. The FileBridge password is the same as your portal password, but not necessarily the same as your application password.
Your application portal, and application portal password

If after following the above verification process, you are still experiencing problems, please contact support for further assistance.