How to email from Quickbooks and other applications

Emailing from QuickBooks, Sage, Misys and other Applications

General Guidelines

gotomyerp has tight security around all incoming and outgoing traffic, and will require a request from all clients with pertinent information, to allow email traffic through the firewall. 

Please note that by default, ports 587 is open, as most service providers use this ports. There is no need to submit a ticket as outlined in the below section if your email provider uses these ports for sending. 

Please check some of these common issues that clients typically deal with when emailing:
  1. If your organization uses an in-house email system, for example, Exchange, Kerio server, Lotus notes etc..., and you are using a self-signed certificate, Quickbooks email will not recognize that certificate, and will fail to send email (by repeatedly popping up with the password prompted when trying to email). Please make sure your email system has an SSL certificate that is issued by a known Certificate Authority,  that is recognized by common browsers. Self-Signed certificates are not supported.
  2. Quickbooks mail will require entering a password on the first attempt to send an email via Quickbooks For this reason, "Alias", "Distribution Group" mailboxes will not work with Quickbooks email. 
    For example: If you have an email:, and all incoming mail to gets delivered to multiple users' mailboxes, there is a good chance that this email will not work as the "FROM" email within Quickbooks. If you would like to use this email to send from Quickbooks, please create an actual user mailbox for
    Several methods are available at that point (beyond the scope of this article) to allow forwarding of mail to multiple users.
  3. If you have 2-factor authentication used on the mailbox in question, you will need to generate an application-specific password to use. The primary password for that mailbox will not work. Please refer to your email provider's instructions on generating application-specific passwords.

What you need to be able to email from QuickBooks , Sage & Misys

You will need
  1. Your mail server address.
  2. Port number, by default we allow port 587 as mentioned above.
  3. Valid username and password on the email server.

How can you get your email server settings

  1. You can ask your IT guys to provide it to you.
  2. You can find it yourself by going to Account settings within your email program, in case you are using Microsoft Outlook you can find these details by following the below instructions
    • Open Control Panel --> Click Mail --> Email Accounts --> Select Your email account & click on Change --> here you will find the "OUTGOING MAIL SERVER SMTP" this is the server address you need.
    • Now click on More settings --> Advanced --> here you will find the port number in the box next to "OUTGOING MAIL SERVER SMTP" this is the port number you need
  3. Here are some most commonly used SMTP servers or you can see at the bottom of this article for more SMTP server Addresses
Provider / ISP
       SMTP Server Address
       Port Numbers
Office 365
Yahoo Mail

Configure email from QuickBooks

QuickBooks 2021 or newer

You will need an Intuit ID to be able to email from QuickBooks. You will be prompted during the setup process for your Intuit ID; If you do not have one, you can create one.
For Office 365 you will also need the ability to "consent to apps" enabled or you may receive an error on Step 4. You may need to check with your IT on these settings Managing user consent to apps in Microsoft 365 - Microsoft 365 admin | Microsoft Docs
  1. Go to Edit --> Prefrences --> Send Form --> click on "Add"
  2. Select your email provider and enter your email in the "Email Id" field. Make sure that "Enhanced Security (Recommended)" is checked off.

  3. Log into your Intuit account when prompted. If you are already logged into your Intuit account you will not be prompted.

  4. Log into your email account. (Office 365 shown below, you will be prompted by Google to login if using a Gmail or Google Workspaces email account)
  5. Click on "Accept" when prompted to give QuickBooks access to your email. (Office 365 shown below, you will be prompted by Google to allow access if using a Gmail or Google Workspaces email account)
If the above is not working, we suggest you sign out of you Intuit account in your QuickBooks and then try the above steps again, and login to Intuit account while following the above steps

If you are subscribed to Office 365 through GoDaddy, you may receive the below message.
You will need to contact GoDaddy support to assist in setting the correct security settings in your Office 365.

QuickBooks older than 2021

Configure email for Sage 100

Sage 100 2021.4 or newer

For Email providers using Basic Authentication

Please click on the below link to fill out the SMTP information.

For Office365

Sage 100 versions, newer than 2021.4 (PU4) already support Modern Authentication. The below Sage article outlines how to setup Office 365 and Sage to use OAuth. This will require administrator permissions in your Office 365 and must be completed by your IT.

For the "Redirect URI" Please use http://localhost instead of the documented https://localhost. In our testing we have found that https://localhost does not work.
In Office365: 
In Sage:

Sage 100 2021.3 or older

Configure email from Misys

In order to setup emailing from Misys do the following
  1. Login to Misys, make sure no other user is logged in
  2. Click on Administration, if other users are logged in you will get a windows with all the user who are logged in, ask them to log out
  3. Under Administration --> Company Options --> Email
  4. Enter all the details needed, most of these details will be provided to you by you IT or Email server administrator

Configure email from Acctivate

Emails in Acctivate can be configured in two places:
  1. Company Configuration, which is used as a common email for all outgoing emails.
  2. Under each user.
Please see the below link from Acctivate on how to configure SMTP for Acctivate. We only support SMTP, not IMAP

What to do if you are still unable to email.

Submit a ticket with the below information.
  1. The SMTP email server of your company. (For example, for google apps, the SMTP server would be
  2. The port number (For example, for google apps, the port is 587)
  3. The Protocol (For example, for google apps, the protocol is TLS/STARTLS)
  4. The application you are trying to email from (For example, QuickBooks, Sage, etc...)
In addition, it is advisable (though optional) to send us a username and password for a temporary mailbox on your email system, in order for us to quality check that connection, and guarantee that connectivity. 

If you have met all the above requirements, and are still experiencing issues with your email, please contact support, at, and will be happy to assist you further. 

Please note that it is outside of the scope of support to assist with your internal email configuration. gotomyerp will assist on a best effort basis, but email configuration is ultimately the client's responsibility.

Other SMTP Servers

Here are list of other commonly used SMTP Servers as well, 

Provider / ISP
SMTP Server Address
AT&T (Broadband)
AT&T (Dialup)
Atlantic Broadband
BrightHouse - Central Florida
Cable One OR
Cox Internet - Georgia
Delmarva Online
Delta Net
Earthlink OR
Use your Internet Service Provider's SMTP
IBM.Global net
ioNet Inc
Juno - Some accounts can't change SMTP on Juno
Lycos OR try your ISP's SMTP
Use your Internet Service Provider's SMTP
MCI or
NetZero or try
OPTOnline Internet service
Qwest Internet service
River, The
Rogers (CANADA)
SBC Internet service
SCB (Pacbell)
SBC - Global Ameritech
SBC - Global Flash
SBC - Global NVBell
SBC - Global Prodigy
SBC - Global SNet
SBC - Global SWBell
SBC - Global Wans
SBC - Global Yahoo!
TDS Telecom
The River
Verizon Internet Service
Wide Open West
XO Communications OR

**Please note that the above list is provided as a courtesy. It is not guaranteed to be accurate as changes occur with these providers. If you become aware of an inaccuracy. Please send us a note, and we'll be happy to update this article.