Error Unable to display RD Web Access

Error: Unable to display RD Web Access

In certain instance, users would receive the following error when launching the gotomyerp portal with Internet Explorer

Unless this is happening for all users, this issue is caused by the workstation itself: usually an Internet Explorer configuration corruption.
There is certain software that can also cause Internet Explorer to not behave as expected, one such software is Norton Security Suite, but others can have the same effect.

This problem is specific to each workstation, so there are a lot of variables that can be the root cause, and thereby, many possible resolutions. Please note that gotomyerp cannot provide detailed support on 3rd party software that could cause workstation specific problems. Below you can find some general suggestions for resolution:

  1. The first thing to try is to attempt to login to your portal from another computer. if all computers in your office are having the same issue, please submit a ticket. If we are able to reproduce the same issue on our end, then the problem might not be specific to your workstation and we will need to assist you with a resolution. Otherwise, please continue to Step 2
  2. The second step is to make sure that you have all the latest Windows Updates applied on your computer. If you are using a Windows 7 operating system, it is possible that you might still be on an earlier release of Internet Explorer. Please make sure that you are using Internet Explorer 11.
    See the animation to find Internet Explorer version.
  3. Try resetting Internet Explorer settings.
  4. If you have recently installed any software after which the site stopped displaying correctly, try to uninstall the software, reboot your computer, and try again. (You can also try to reset Internet Explorer following Step #3 after the reboot). If that fixes the issue, then it could be some setting in the software you installed that is causing the web page to not display properly. Please work with your IT to determine the cause of the issue and resolve.

Did You Know?
You now have access to the gotomyerp AppDashboard which replaces both your FileBridge client, and removes your dependency on any browser. We highly recommend that you install it.

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