Getting an - Update Company File - prompt when opening Quickbooks

Getting an "Update Company File" prompt when opening Quickbooks

When opening your Quickbooks Company File, you might receive a prompt similar to the following:
(The way this looks may vary depending on which version of Quickbooks you are running)

This message pops up when a Quickbooks update has been installed on your server. Not all updates require a Company File update, but most of them do.
When this happens, and the day after the update has been applied to your server, the first person that opens your Quickbooks file in your company will receive this prompt.

Simply click "Yes", and allow the Company File to update, this process can take a few seconds to a few minutes or more, depending on the size of your Quickbooks Company File.

If you have multiple Quickbooks Company Files, you will have to update each of them as you open them for the first after a Quickbooks update has been applied on your server.
If you are unable to update the file, it means that a user with a local "Admin" user must login to the Quickbooks company file once and update it before the rest of the users can access it. In this case, please contact your Quickbooks application user with the "Admin" account.