How to add or edit users in a Quickbooks company file

How to Add or Edit Users to Quickbooks Company Files

If you already have created a gotomyerp users for general access (using the Onboarding Portal) but are looking to create or edit an application level user, inside the Quickbooks company file, please follow the below instructions.
1. Log in to the company file using the Admin credential
2. Select the 'Company' menu.
3. From the drop-down, go to 'Users', and select 'Set Up Users and Roles'

4. Select 'New...'  (or 'Edit...' if you would liked to edit an existing user)

5. Create a username and password
6. Assign appropriate permissions. (see Intuit link below for more information on roles)

The new user will now be able to access QuickBooks company file.

For more detailed information on adding users and creating/modifying/assigning roles, please view the following Intuit article: QuickBooks Desktop Users and Restrictions
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