How to get the latest payroll tax updates in Quickbooks Desktop

How to get the latest payroll tax updates in Quickbooks Desktop


This article walks through the steps to update the Quickbooks Desktop Payroll tax tables. 

The payroll tax tables provide up-to-date, accurate rates and calculations for federal and supported state taxes, payroll tax forms, and e-file and e-pay options. You need an active QuickBooks Desktop Payroll subscription to update your tax table. 

Note: Your SUI rate isn’t part of the normal tax table updates in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll. You need to update it manually.

Check or download the latest tax table

  1. Go to Employees, then select Get Payroll Updates
    1. To know your tax table version:
      1. Check the number next to You are using tax table version:
      2. To identify if it’s the correct version, see the latest payroll news and updates.
      3. To find more details on your tax table version, select Payroll Update Info
    2. To get the latest tax table:
      1. Select Download Entire Update.
      2. Select Update. An informational window appears when the download is complete.

Troubleshoot payroll tax table update errors

You might see some errors when you update the payroll tax table. Here are some common ones and how to fix them:

  1. PS038 - Resolve payroll error PS038
  2. PSXXX errors - Fix PSXXX errors
  3. 15XXX errors - Fix error 15XXX
  4. UEXP error - Fix error UEXP

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