How to reconfigure your AppDashboard after a company rename

How to reconfigure your AppDashboard after a company rename

In the event that your company name has changed, gotomyerp will make some back-end changes which will require you to make a configuration adjustment to connect using the new company name. 

If you are requesting a name change for your company, and the instructions below do not match what you see, then you are likely still using the browser-based web portal and the older FileBridge client. In this case, the first step would be to have all your users  Download and Install  the new AppDashboard. 

Once ready, follow the steps in the video below. 

In summary:

1- Remove your existing company by clicking on  and confirming.

2- Click on 

2- Enter your "New" company name, your current username, and your current password, then complete the connection.

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