QuickBooks payments - Credit Card Processing Failure

QuickBooks payments - Credit Card Processing Failure - SLN74629


If you receive the error similar to the one in below image or similar.

QuickBooks payments: Process credit card Error Occurred There seems to be a systems problem. Check your internet connection and try again. Learn More SLN74629


The issue you are facing is most likely related to incorrect information in one of fields in the above image.

Here are few other things that can cause this or similar issues:

  1. The Cardholder Name field contains a special character (. , & * % # @)
  2. If you are entering an address, you only need to enter the street number. Confirm that it does not have any special characters (e.g., ç, é, ü, etc.) or multiple sets of numbers (123 Adams Ave 456).
  3. If it is an international card, reference this Cannot take an international credit card due to invalid zip code instead.
  4. Some credit cards, like flex spending cards, can only be processed through certain business types. Give Intuit a call at 1-800-558-9558 to confirm that we have the correct business type code on file for you.
  5. Contact your customer to confirm that there is enough balance on the card to cover the transaction.
  6. Contact your customer to check whether or not their employer requires that you enter a commercial code while processing the transaction.
  7. If none of the above solutions work, request a different form of payment or advise your customer to call the customer support phone number on the back of their card for more information.

An alternative solution is to login to the Intuit Merchant center and process the payment. Here is the link https://merchantcenter.intuit.com. They payment will be synced to your QuickBooks, initially it might show as pending. The user who is logging into the Merchan centrer should have rights to process the payment.

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