Solving - Your computer was unable to connect to the remote computer

Receiving message: Your computer was unable to connect to the remote computer


When attempting to launch an application from the portal, the following message almost immediately pops up, preventing the connection from succeeding:


A bug has been introduced to a release Microsoft update, which causes a certain file to not correctly register, thereby causing the error.


Even though there is nothing that gotomyerp to on the server side to resolve this problem, there is a quick solution to fix it.
Please note that you will require administrative privileges on your workstation in order to complete this process. If your computer is locked down by your IT, please seek their assistance to complete this process.
  1. Close any app that is using Remote Desktop (if any are running)
  2. Launch cmd.exe as Administrator
  3. Type: regsvr32 wksprtps.dll [Press Enter]
  4. Try to login again.

If the registration fails, please launch Task Manager, click on the "Details" tab, find the wksprtps.exe process, right click and click on "End Task"
Alternatively: Restart your computer, then retry the process above.