Addressing the second credential prompt when launching an application

Second Credential Prompt or PIN Code on AppDashboard


A user is presented with another login credential prompt or a PIN code when launching an app.


In most cases, this issue happens if your computer was left on overnight, and your connection to the hosted server times out, requiring additional authentication. This is a Microsoft by-design behavior to keep internet resources secure.
The main recommended methods to avoid this problem:
When you are done with your work day, please exit your hosted apps, then, simply click on the "Logoff" button on your AppDashboard. When you come back the next day, click on the same icon and type in your gotomyerp password to re-initialize your apps.


Before trying any of the solutions, it is best to update your AppDashboard to the latest version. To do so, go to Settings > Check for Updates

To fix the second user credential pop up, please see the below clip:

Solution #1

Solution #2

If the first step does not work, please try the following step:

Solution #3

If the above doesn't fix the issue, restart your computer and then try again

Solution #4

  1. Click on Start, and search for "Credential Manager"
  2. Click on "Windows Credentials"

  1. Find the gotomyerp entry that would have "TERMSRV\<username>" in the username field, and remove it

  1. Now try to re-launch your application.

Solution #5

On the login prompt, login with your gotomyerp username, but pre-pend your username with "HOSTED\" 
So in the username field, if your username is "jsmith", you type: HOSTED\jsmith 
and enter your gotomyerp password.
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