What to include in a support ticket

What information to include in a support ticket


The gotomyerp support team receives dozens of tickets per day, and we always strive to address your problem as soon as possible.

When submitting a ticket, certain information is crucial to help you get to a resolution as fast as possible.
Emailing us from your registered email is crucial. For the security of your account, support requests from an unregistered email, will be denied, and referred to the authorized user on the account. Always makes sure to update your emails, in case that changes, to avoid delays in your support requests.

Though we are always happy to provide support, lacking information in the initial request will required additional interactions before our support team can get a full picture of the issue. Below, you will see a couple of examples of a bad ticket, and an example of a good ticket. Please take note of those, and try to mimic the recommended way, any time you need to submit ticket, in order to expedite receiving the needed help.

 Bad Ticket Example:

Subject: I am unable to login.
Body: empty

This information does not provide any guidance as to what you might be experiencing, or any details thereto.

Good Ticket Example:

Subject: Unable to login: receiving error message upon connection
Body: I am receiving an error message upon connecting to QuickBooks.
The error message is in the following screenshot:

I seem to be the only user having the problem. Everyone else in the office is logged in without a problem.

This ticket contains more information as it relates to the actual error you are receiving. It also gives us a starting point on troubleshooting your problem, and provide you additional troubleshooting steps.

What else should I know?

  • Always make sure to submit a ticket from an authorized email address. For the security of your account, non-authorized email addresses will be denied support.
An authorized address is one that is registered with gotomyerp and is associated with your account. Additional alternate addresses can be added as well. Please consult with your authorized user on your account to add additional email addresses from the Onboarding Portal.

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