What is the Force Session Logoff and Kill Frozen QBE icons on the application portal?

What is the "Force Session Logoff" and "Kill Frozen QBE" icons on the application portal?

You may have noticed some icons on your portal: "Force Session Logoff" and "Kill Frozen QBE" 


These are 2 utilities that have been added for your convenience that allow you to Kill the Quickbooks application (Quickbooks users only), and to fully log off your hosted session, without needing to contact support. 

Below is an explanation of what they do, and when to use them: 

Kill Frozen QBE:    
When to use: 
  • When you are a Quickbooks user. (Non-Quickbooks users will not see this icon available to them)
  • If you are having a problem with the Quickbooks application, but other hosted apps seem to be running ok. 
  • If you have been instructed by support to use this icon
What it does:
  • This utility will force close (terminate) the Quickbooks process. Please use this only, if you believe that your Quickbooks is frozen, and needs to be force restarted. It is a forceful close, so any transactions or tasks happening within Quickbooks will forcefully terminate, and changes not be saved. 
  • This only applies to your OWN user, and will not affect other users connected to the system. 
Force Session Logoff:
When to use:
  • If the "Kill Frozen QBE" button does not resolve your problem. 
  • When you are having trouble with your session: being unresponsive, frozen, or behaving in an unusual way.
  • When instructed by gotomyerp support as a troubleshooting step, or to put some changes into effect.
What it does:
  • This utility will in fact log off your hosted session**
  • Any applications running in the hosted environment will be forcefully closed, and the session will be logged off. (If possible, we recommend closing any responsive applications before running this.)
  • It will ask you to confirm that you really want to log off. You will still have a chance to cancel it if you change your mind. 
** When applications freeze, users often restart their computer to restart their session. This often does not resolve the problem when the problem is in the hosted application(s)
 Hosted sessions are actually retained on the hosted server for 15 minutes before fully logging off (Assuming no problems are preventing the profile from logging off successfully)

If after trying the above 2 options, you still don't have any success in re-accessing your application, please submit a ticket for additional support.