Who can submit support tickets

Who can submit support tickets?

We understand that your time is valuable, and when you have a problem, you need that addressed as soon as possible.

On our part, it is our responsibility to maintain the security of your account, and for this reason, emailing us from your registered email is required.
Support requests from an unregistered email, will be denied, and referred to the authorized user on the account.

On the Onboarding Portal, always make sure that the Primary and Backup contact information are always updated, as well as all your users' emails. This is especially important to update if your email domain has changed.

For additional information on how to change your authorized user's email address, please visit our Onboarding Portal Interactive Guide

Though we understand the inconvenience of being denied support due wrong information on file, gotomyerp has a strict policy on assisting registered users only, to maintain the security of your account.