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            Auto Logon User Information

            What is Auto Logon user?

            An auto logon user is an account that automatically logs in every time the server restart. It can be configured to automatically run one or more applications.

            Do I need it?

            There are basically two types of applications that are installed on the server.

            Applications that are installed as a windows service 

            These applications automatically start whenever the server restarts or this application can be triggered by different applications. if your application is installed as a windows service then you do not need an Auto logon user.

            Applications are not installed as a windows service

            These are applications that are not installed as a windows service, they are developed not to run as a service, these applications do not automatically start when the server restarts. A user has to manually start this application. If you have such an application installed on the server and you need it to run at all times in the background, you will need an Auto Logon user.
              • What happens if i assign this application to a user to launch it manually?  This might be true that you can assign the application to a user who can manually launches this, however there are few limitations:
                • You have to completely depend on this user to launch this application every day, since the servers reboot nightly for backup and maintenance, if another application depends on this application then we do not recommend assigning it to the user and we suggest you have the auto-logon user.
                • If the user logs out, the application will be closed and this can cause issues if this application interacts with other applications.
                • Such applications can only be assigned to one user, so if the user is not available then you can not use it.
                • The application might have an interface that is launched in the task bar, and user can not access the task bar, hence for troubleshooting purposes they can not access interface.
                • Normal user accounts are subject to idle disconnections and log out. An auto-logon user has special policies assigned to it to prevent it from automatically logging off.
                • However if this application has to be used by single user and does not interact with other applications then you can assign it to a single user.


            If you have an application that is not installed as a window service and you need this to be running at all times, we highly suggest you ask us to enable the Auto Logon user and add that application to the startup.

            Updated: 07 Feb 2019 06:15 AM
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