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            ADVISORY [CRITICAL]: Applications Slow/Menus not working after Windows 10 update to Build 1803

            Problem [ RESOLVED ]

            Microsoft Windows 10 latest update 1803 is causing Remote APP to appear to work slow or freeze. It also affects right mouse click, where menus would not show up, or would appear to take a long time to show up.

            UPDATE (06/27/2018): Microsoft has finally released an official patch for this issue. Unfortunately they have not accounted for those workstations who had applied our patch as a workaround. As a result, workstations that install the June 27 update (KB4284848) may experience the below message again. We have updated this article to reflect the most updated solution for all our users to avoid confusion, and updated our patch to bring everything back to the file versions that Microsoft intended in their final release.

            UPDATE (06/13/2018): With the release of the June Microsoft updates, and we believe it would be specifically update KB4284835 the issue that we had previously fixed with the patch in this article will get broken again, and will result in the following message:

            How to check the version of your windows 10

            Click on Start --> Type Winver and hit enter
            Hold the windows key and press R, this will open the Run window, simply type Winver and hit enter

            The second line will show the version number as highlighted below
            If you see the version number as 1803 then you have the affected version.


            Install Latest Windows Updates

            Make sure that you first install all the latest Windows updates. Most specifically, KB4284848 is the one that fixes the problem.
            If installing the updates and rebooting is still causing an issue, please install the patch described in the process below.

            The two processes below require administrative privileges on your computer. We highly recommend that your IT team assist with this.

            Install Patch Fix

            Download and install the patch below, corresponding to your operating system, to fix the issue:

            This file MUST be Run As Administrator, or it will fail.
            Please make sure that Anti-Virus or any security software is turned off, or the files may not be correctly patched.

            You can run this file silently by running it in a cmd (Run as Administrator) and append a "/Silent" flag.
            Run logs can be found in %TEMP%\FixMSTSC_Out.log

            After running the patch, please re-launch your hosted application.

            Running this patch will also fix the problem mentioned in this article, causing the connection to immediately show the following message: "Your computer was unable to connect to the remote computer"
            This fix will only run if the patch finds mismatched versions, of the files. Otherwise please follow the instructions in the linked article.

            Please note that this article is just provided as courtesy service only. gotomyerp is not responsible for any issues arising as a result of following the above instructions.

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