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            How do I get started?

            Welcome to gotomyerp!
            This document will walk you step by step through the process of getting started.
            You will need the information in your new user email, which will be required to fill in fields in this document.
            Simply replace the *1 -- *6 with their corresponding values in your Company Info Sheet.

            STEP 1: Reset Your Password

            • Download the Desktop Shortcut in ( *2 ) and run it.

            When opening the GoToMyERP Application portal for the first time, you may receive a bar on the bottom of the browser. Please click on "Allow"

            • Click on "Forgot Password/Reset Password"
            • Click on Enroll
            • Enter your username
            • Enter the default password ( *1 )
            • Set your new password, and confirm
            • Click Continue, and verify your email and enter your phone number for SMS enrollment.
            • Answer the Challenge Questions to complete the process

            STEP 2: Login To Your Application (PC Users ONLY)

            Mac Users: Go to the next step for the MAC

            • Remember: We are still using INTERNET EXPLORER
            • Sign In with username and password you just changed
            • SINGLE click on the application to launch
            • Click Connect

            STEP 3: Setup FileBridge

            • Download the FileBridge Mapper <-- Click
            • Run the downloaded file
              (If you don't know where the file is downloaded, press CTRL-J on your keyboard, and click on the "FileBridgeMapper.exe" file)
            • Accept any security prompts that may pop up on your screen (if any)

            • Fill in your Company Name
            • The FileBridge URL (*4)
            • Your username

            • You can now double-click on the "MapFileBridge" icon on your desktop to connect.
            • Once the window appears, simply type in your gotomyerp  password, and click on "Map FileBridge Drive"
              This drive letter will likely be the G:\ or the P:\ drive on your computer, but that is dependent on your individual computer's configuration. Simply open "My Computer", and look for a new drive labeled: <Your Company Name> FileBridge

            Show me a more detailed instructional video on installing and using FileBridge

            Congratulations! If you made it this far, you should now already be in the system, and working away.
            If you have any questions along the way, we have many resources available at your fingertips in our Knowledgebase.
            Or you can always Submit a Ticket for additional help

            Updated: 02 Aug 2018 05:54 AM
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