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            How do I login to my account for the first time or after a password reset?

            Are you a Mac User? Please see this article for appropriate instructions.

            If this is the first time you are attempting to login to your account, you have probably received your username, and a temporary password which will need to be changed upon first login. 

            Please note that the initial password reset process and enrollment are required steps to gain access to your account.

            1. First head to the application portal you have been given. Make sure to allow any add-ons to run. You will receive a prompt similar to the following:

            2. Click on the "Forgot Password/Reset Password" link.

            3. Now click on the "Enroll" to begin the process.
            4. Next, type in the credentials that were provided to you, with the temporary password
            5. Once you are authenticated for the first time, you will receive a notice stating that your password must be changed before you can continue.
            6. Type in your new password. Please note the following password requirements:
              1. Must be a minimum of 6 characters in length
              2. Must contain 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, and 1 number or special character
              3. Cannot be the same as your 2 previously used passwords
              4. Cannot contain any part or all of your username
            7. Next, please verify or enter your email address, and your cell phone number.
              IMPORTANT: Please make sure to include your country code in the cell phone number. i.e: +1 555 123-4321
            8. Fill in the Challenge Questions, and Answers. There are 3 questions to answer.
            9. Once you answer all the questions, you are now ready to go back to the main page and login to your account. Simply click ok, and you will be redirected to the application portal. 
              After clicking ok, you should receive an SMS and an email confirmation of your enrollment. This will help you verify that the information you entered is correctly working.

            You are now ready to login to your account from the main portal.
            Updated: 30 Aug 2019 06:39 AM
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