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            How do I register my company in the gotomyerp Onboarding Portal?

            Registering your company is the first step to subscribing to any gotomyerp services.
            The onboarding portal will serve as the location to identify your company, as well as the place to manage your company information, users, and licenses.

            If you are already registered and are looking to make changes to your existing company, please take a look at this article

            To begin the process, please head over to the gotomyerp Onboarding Portal

            The link to this portal, as well as many other useful links can also be found on the main support page under "Popular Downoads and Links"

            Once on the portal, click on , then login with the following credentials (also displayed on the portal)

            Once logged in, click on the "New Company Enrollment" button

            Once in the form, please read the "IMPORTANT" section, then type in "YES", and press the [TAB] key to reveal the next section of the form.

            Once all the required fields are filled in, you can click on the button to complete the enrollment.

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