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            How do I remove access for a user?

            Removing access to users is very easy. It is done through the gotomyerp Onboarding Portal
            If you don't remember how to access it, please check this article .

            Once logged in, click on the purple "Users" tab, and click on the "pencil" icon next to the user's record. 


            Please note the following: 
            • You cannot delete the user, but only mark them for deletion
            • The termination date cannot be back-dated. 
            • You cannot change a user's first or last name. Please submit a ticket for this type of request, and only if the change involves the first and last name. If additional parameters of the account changes are required, please terminate the existing user, and create a new one for the incoming user.
            • If an employee is terminated, and an urgent suspension of accounts is required, please follow your request with a support ticket stating the urgency of the matter.  

            Updated: 11 Jul 2018 01:48 AM
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