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            How to upload your Office 365 Proof of Licensing

            How to Upload Proof of Licensing

            If you have a BYOL Office 365 license, you are required to upload, and keep updated your Office 365 license in order to maintain a valid BYOL Status. 

            To do so, please login to the Onboarding Portal (You need to be an authorized user on your account to access the Onboarding Portal)
            Once logged in:
            1. Click on the "Client Licenses" Tab
            2. Click on "Add License"
            3. Select "MS Office 365" from the drop down
            4. Fill in all the required fields, then save. 

            How to Obtain the Required Licensing Info on the Office 365 Portal

            1. Login to your Office 365 Admin Portal Products & Services screen
            2. Follow the steps in the video below to fill in the required information

            Frequently Asked Questions:

            Q: Do I need to keep this updated?

            A: Yes. 30 days before the expiration date that you enter, the contact person on that form will receive an email reminder to update the licensing. 

            Q: What happens if I don't update my Proof of Licensing?

            A: If Proof of Licensing is not submitted by the expiration, then any Office product that was covered by your BYOL license will revert back to the regular subscription billing per user per month on your next billing cycle.

            Q: I just got billed for my Office products before I got a chance to update my license. Can I get a refund once I upload the new Proof of Licensing?

            A: If proof of licensing was not submitted in time, and you got billed for your Office subscriptions, no refunds can be issued for the current invoice. Your BYOL licensing will resume on the next billing cycle, and the invoicing will be updated accordingly.

            Q: I am on a monthly payment plan with Office 365, do I need to submit the license every month?

            A: We will only accept proof of licensing for yearly Office 365 plans. You have 2 options in this case:
                  - Switch your Office 365 license to yearly and submit your proof of licensing
                  - Use the gotomyerp provided subscription-based Office products.

            Q: I have users on multiple Office 365 Packages. Do I need to submit Proof of Licensing for all of them?

            A: Yes. We prefer that all users are within the same subscription plan. If you do have multiple subscription packages for your users, enter a new license for each of those plans. Because gotomyerp does not track each user's subscription plan within your organization, we require that all subscription plans are always up to date. If one of them is out of date or expired, all gotomyerp users using BYOL will revert back to subscription based for all subscribed MS Office products, until all your Office 365 licenses are updated. 
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