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            How to reset password for Mac and configure the Mac with new password

            STEP 1: Reset Password

            1. In order to reset your password if you are using Mac, please open Safari and browse to the application portal
            2. Click on "Manage My Account (Forgot/Reset Password, Unlock Account, First Time Enrollment)"
            3. If you know your current password then click on Change Password and follow the prompts.
            4. If you do not remember your old password please click on Forgot my Password and follow the prompts.

            STEP 2: Change Password in Microsoft Remote Desktop Client

            After you have successfully changed your password, open Microsoft Remote Desktop Client --> Preferences... --> User Account (Enter the new password) and click on Refresh

            STEP 3: Change Password in Mac FileBridge Client

            Now in order to enter the new password in FileBridge (Transmit) please follow the below instructions
            • Open Transmit application

            • Click on Favorites tab and double click your FileBridge folder
            • In the Password field enter the password that you changed in step 1 and click on save

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