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            Microsoft KB4524147 , KB4524148 and KB4524156 causes printing issues

            ISSUE :

            When you try to print from gotomyerp application such as sage, excel QuickBooks or any RDP application the application disappears OR
            On your computer if you try to print to your default printer you are unable to print.

            What causes this issue :

            The recent update from Microsoft  KB4524147 , KB4524148 and KB4524156 are the cause of this issue. We think that these updates cause some conflict between windows Spooler service and the printer drivers, so whenever a user tries to print to the printer it crashes the application or doesn't print.

            Work Around :

            1. Install the Microsoft update KB4517389 or KB4519338  (Depending on your windows 10 Build) if that doesn't fix then
            2. Try to change the default printer (Microsoft PDF, Microsoft XPS Document writer or any other printer) and see if it works
            3. Try to update or change the printer driver
            4. If you do not want to update the printer driver or can not set another printer as default uninstall the update KB4524147
            5. If uninstalling KB4524147 does not fix the issue, uninstall KB4524156
            6. If uninstalling KB4524147 and KB4524156 does not fix the issue, uninstall  KB4524148
            7. Once you have uninstalled the above KB you will need to restart your computer.
            Microsoft has released an update KB4517389 on October 8, which we think will fix the above issue. The update has listed the fix "Addresses an issue with applications and printer drivers that utilize the Windows JavaScript engine (jscript.dll) for processing print jobs."

            Note: Please install or uninstall the above updates at your own risk.

            Our Observations so far :

            1. Mostly happens on windows 10 computer with KB4524148 installed and printer driver with version 4 set as default printer. If you change the printer driver to Version 3, it works fine. Version 3 is mostly made for windows 7, so you can simply download the driver for windows 7 for the printer and change its driver. In order to find the printer driver version open power shell and type Get-PrinterDriver | Select-Object Name, MajorVersion
            2. The update KB4524148 is actually September update but has been installed on a few computer on 4th October 2019.
            3. KB4524147 If installed needs to be uninstalled as well.
            This article is provided as a courtesy. Per our terms of service, gotomyerp cannot assist with workstation related problems. If further assistance is required, please consult with your IT department.

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