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            I can login to my account, does that mean that my account is enrolled (in SSRPM)?

            Am I enrolled?

            If you are able to connect to your account on the application portal login screen, as seen below, does not mean that your account is enrolled in SSRPM.

            During your initial account setup, you had a chance to change your password, which would allow you to login on the application portal (screenshot above)
            Even though you could quit that process at the password change step, you would have not completed the enrollment.

            If you are not enrolled and you try to reset/change or unlock your account, you will receive a message similar to the following when you try to do so:

            This most likely means that your account is not enrolled.

            I know my password. How do I enroll?

            It's very easy to enroll if you already know your password.
            1. Open your application portal (click on your desktop shortcut).
            2. Click on "Manage My Account (Forgot/Reset Password, Unlock Account, First Time Enrollment)"
            3. Click on "Enroll"
            4. Type in your username and your password
            5. Fill in the request information to complete the process.

            I don't know my password or my password has expired. How do I enroll?

            If you forgot your password, or your password has expired while you are not enrolled, your only course of action is to contact support, so that we may assist you in the reset.

            Because contacting support requires some waiting time, we highly recommend that you complete the enrollment before your password expires, so that you can manage it without having to contact support.

            Additional Notes

            To maintain the security of your account, all user passwords expire every 180 days. So you will be required to change your password at that time. If you are not enrolled, it will cause an interruption in your access to the hosted environment, therefore, we emphasize again, to make sure to complete the enrollment before you forget your password, or your password expires.

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