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            QuickBooks Print or Email Size Incorrect


            When one or more users try to email an invoice, receipt, order or any other document from QuickBooks it has the wrong paper size, format, orientation, etc.


            When a user tries to print they see the message "Intuit Printer Library Message: The form you are about to print does not fit on the page. You may wish to modify your print settings such as portrait/landscape. Click OK to print anyways, or Cancel to skip printing this form."

            What causes this?

            When QuickBooks prints or email a document it uses the Page setup of the PRINTER that is defined for that particular form. It IGNORES the page setup that is specifically defined for that form in (LIST -> Templates -> TEMPLATE Name ->  Additional Customization -> Print )

            In QuickBooks each user can select a printer for each of the Form, When a wrong paper size or the incorrect printer selected for that particular Form, it causes this issue.

            How to fix?

            In this example we are going to use INVOICE as an example.
            1. Close any forms or templates that you have opened in QuickBooks, best approach is to log out of QuickBooks and log back in.
            2. In QuickBooks go to File -> Printer Setup -> Select the Form with which you are having issues ( We selected INVOICE in this example)
            3. Select the correct printer which has the correct paper size.
            4. You can check the paper size by clicking on OPTIONS.
            5. Now when you email or print it should have the correct Page size, orientation, etc


            How to verify if it will work?

            After you have selected the printer with correct page setup go to  (LIST -> Templates -> Invoice ->  Additional Customization -> Print Preview, and this should NOT prompt the below message

            If you still see this message try to select another printer and try again

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