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            What do I need to do to schedule software installations on my company's hosted server?

            gotomyerp is a customized hosting provider, and as such, it is very common for our clients to have 3rd party ISVs (Independent Software Vendor) assist with installation and configuration of software.
            This, of course, also introduces a complexity with technical matters, as well as scheduling resources. Please follow the below guidelines to ensure a smooth planning of any new software implementations for your organization.

            If your company is working with an ISV for a potential new product, please follow these procedures in order to allow for a smooth implementation process:
            1. Contact or call 877-888-5525 x2 to get direction on adding a new applications to your hosted environment.
            2. Before initiating or signing any contracts with a particular software vendor, always check in with us first by submitting a ticket, and include the following information on the software you are looking to implement:
              1. The name of the software (include version, and edition if applicable)
              2. A contact number for sales support in case we have any technical questions regarding its installation
              3. A link to the software download and any document that could contain any server/client specifications for the software in question.
                Note: gotomyerp will only support software that can, itself, be fully supported by the software publisher on the hosted platform.
            3. Wait on a confirmation from gotomyerp, that the software in question will be supported on your hosted environment. Please do not proceed further until you have this confirmation.
            4. Once you get the go-ahead, please work with your vendor, to schedule a time with the gotomyerp implementation team to perform the installation and configuration. We regret to inform you that any non-scheduled events with the gotomyerp team cannot be honored on a last minute basis. Unless an explicit arrangement has been confirmed, prior scheduling is always required.
            5. All installations on gotomyerp hosted servers have to follow strict guidelines, for this reason, gotomyerp technical personnel have to be present for the installation of any new software. Further arrangements can be made to allow a vendor unattended access. Please contact to get requirements and process.
            6. Unless you are on a Platinum SLA, all software installations must happen during business hours. from 7:00AM EST to 6:00PM PST. it is mandatory that all users are off the system during the installation, even if the software publisher doesn't have such a requirement.


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