AppDashboard Release Notes

AppDashboard Release Notes

The gotomyerp AppDashboard is the new generation of your access to the gotomyerp services. Removing browser dependencies altogether with a clean, elegant and simple user experience that provides access to hosted application, FileBridge, and account and password management in one simple interface.

v1.0.0.40 Beta

  1. (ADDED) FileBridge functionality seamlessly integrated in the application setup experience
  2. (ADDED) Application access is within the app with no additional browser dependencies
  3. (ADDED) Easy access to manage user passwords and enrollment
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v1.0.0.42 Beta

  1. (ADDED) Functionality to address expired password notifications.

  2. (ADDED) Workflow to guide user through resetting an expired password
We would love to hear from you! Please submit Feedback or Bug Report

v1.0.0.45 Beta

  1. (FIXED) Logging off and back on, would cause the app to hang.
  2. (FIXED) FileBridge and RemoteApps logic fix to show the appropriate ones based on subscriptions
  3. (FIXED) App used to crash if there are no RemoteApps configured.
  4. (FIXED) TSScan and TSPrint were not properly being detected if the user is subscribed to them.
  5. (FIXED) Some UI overlays were not correctly centered in some scenarios
  6. (FIXED) Miscellaneous minor bug fixes

v1.0.0.46 Beta

Release Date: 06/10/2022

  1. (FIXED) Squashed a bug that was causing the AppDashboard to close when a RemoteApp collection is loaded.
  1. When an automatic update is applied, the AppDashboard currently does not automatically relaunch. This will be resolved in an upcoming release.

v1.0.0.73 Beta

  1. (ADDED) A new Guided Tour will now be shown for new users. This also may be triggered on demand by clicking on the second to last button on the left pane
  2. (ADDED) A new Diagnostic testing functionality has been added to aid in troubleshooting with customer connection to gotomyerp services
  1. AppDashboard now handles adding 2 configurations at the same time when they happen to reside under the same Application Portal URL
  2. Added the ability for customers in migration to login to both their production server and their migrated server
  3. Increased debug logging in preparation to address some occasional configuration issues in certain scenarios
  4. Minor UI improvements
  5. Minor back-end optimizations
  1. (FIXED) Squashed a bug that caused the AppDashboard to stop responding when adding a new configuration
  1. When users are installing the AppDashboard for the first time, the automatic migration may not always successfully add the hosted applications to the configuration. ( View KB for workaround )
  2. When completing the upgrade from to, the app does not automatically. This is addressed in the next version. Please re-launch the app manually by right clicking on the app in the task try in the bottom right and clicking "exit". ( See quick 1:30min video for help with this issue )
  3. When completing the diagnostic test, the email may not always be sent out.
  4. When sending logs to support, the app occasionally crashes after the log email is sent.

v1.0.0.74 Beta

  1. (FIXED) When performing an update, the app would not properly restart and can stay minimized. The AppDashboard will now always be maximized (visible) after an update
  2. (FIXED) Sending "Logs" from the "Help" menu would crash the AppDashboard during the email send phase.

v1.0.0.75 Beta

Release Date: 07/12/2022

  1. Better handling of some scenarios where 2 configurations can co-exist but cannot be logged in at the same time
  2. When a user changes their password outside of the AppDashboard, a credential prompt may pop up. This is now checked, and the user is asked to update their password in the AppDashboard before launching the hosted application
  3. Added additional logging to allow for additional troubleshooting of known issues
  4. Generate UI improvements and alignment throughout the AppDashboard
  5. Added additional messaging when a user may be in "Inactive" state or "Suspended" state with appropriate instructions on next steps
  1. (FIXED) Fixed a bug where mapping the FileBridge drive in a certain order when 2 or more configurations are added would cause an error
  2. (FIXED) While adding a new configuration, going back and changing the username would not re-validate the user properly

v1.0.0.76 Beta

Release Date: 09/26/2022

  1. The Guided Tour function now displays a placeholder configuration to show guidance on buttons that may not yet be set up
  2. For added clarity for new users, the default side menu will now show up as expanded, instead of collapsed by default
  3. The AppDashboard will display an appropriate message when the computer has no internet connection, and will automatically restore the application when connectivity is restored
  4. A user may now change their username without having to remove and re-add a configuration
  5. The user will now receive a different message if their password is invalid when logging in vs when their account is locked out
  6. Authorized users on an account with Onboarding Portal access would now get an additional button to access additional Onboarding Portal links for ease of access
  7. Many small visual UI improvement throughout the AppDashboard
  1. (FIXED) Constant CPU Usage when the AppDashboard is idle, when restored and when in the task tray
  2. (FIXED) When a user account is locked out, and the configuration is refreshed, a user may receive a message that their password was changed outside of the AppDashboard
  3. (FIXED) In some instances, when changing the password, the user may receive a "passwords do not match" message, even when they are matching

v1.0.0.77 Beta

Release Date: 10/27/2022


  1. The diagnostic test now provides live connection feedback to the user, to help coincide internet connection quality with hosted RemoteApp experience
  2. "Quick Tour" function is now enhanced to provide a bit more guidance through the AppDashboard features
  3. The AppDashboard will now properly differentiate between an invalid user password and a locked account, and provide appropriate messaging
  4. The AppDashboard will now more accurately notify if and when the user's password has been changed outside of the application. You may notice a an additional tiny delay from the moment you double click an app, and the launch of said app, or the double click of the FileBridge drive, and the opening of Windows Explorer. During this time, credentials are being verified, and the slight delay is normal. 
  5. A number of minor UI and UX improvements to make your experience even better! 
  1. (FIXED) When a username under an existing configuration is changed, the underlying apps are not automatically refreshed. 
  2. (FIXED) When changing the username for an existing configuration, the old username still displayed upon attempting to click on "Forgot Password" for the new username.
  3. (FIXED) When a user attempt to send system logs while a previous run is still ongoing, a locked file error would appear
  4. We crushed some miscellaneous small and rare bugs

v1.0.0.79 Beta

Release Date: 12/28/2022
  1. Major back end change implementing a backup database for authentication to mitigate any outages on the primary database in case of an outage from our provider. This should be transparent to all end users. 
  2. Removed the requirement for the Windows password when a "username change" is initiated.
  3. AppDashboard will now show different messaging when the user types in an invalid password and when the user's account is locked out.
  4. Remove certain optional "good-measure" API checks on application launch, FileBridge driver-letter click and application refresh in case a back end server is unavailable, to avoid downtime.
  1. (FIXED) Certain scenarios caused a false "Invalid Password" message during the password change process.
  2. (FIXED) Certain scenarios were preventing the "success" message from popping up when the user successfully changes their password.
  3. (FIXED) When a user is changing a username, and trying to reset the new username's password, the prior username would appear instead of the new one.
  4. (FIXED) Certain scenarios caused the password confirmation field to report un-matching password, when the passwords were in fact matching.
  5. (FIXED) In the cases where the diagnostic reports fails to generate an MSInfo file, an email is also not triggered.
  6. (FIXED) Success message was not always showing up on "Reset Password".

v1.0.0.80 Beta

Release Date: 01/19/2023
  1. New handling of offline scenarios to minimize downtime in case certain components of the account validation system go offline
  2. When changing a user name, the Windows password is no longer required
  1. (FIXED) Under some scenarios, the updates of user accounts were syncing wrong data preventing some users from completing their login.
  2. (FIXED) Some legacy clients without a FileBridge implementation could not login to the AppDashboard
  3. (FIXED) The "Configure FileBridge" checkbox would not appease when certain conditions are met. This is fixed.

v1.0.0.81 Beta

Release Date: 03/17/2023
  1. New mechanisms to allow the user to report an error code when an "Internal Server Error" message occurs
  2. Diagnostic notifications will now show a balloon pop up notification when certain connection problems are detected during the test
  3. Added an option to perform a connection test to ensure that all gotomyerp components are accessible from the user's environment
  1. (FIXED) Diagnostic mail were not being sent under some circumstances
  2. (FIXED) Added some additional logging that was missing when the user is adding a configuration
  3. (FIXED) Added a possible fix for the Second Credential prompt some users receive upon login due to certain environment or workstation configurations
  4. (FIXED) Added some cleanup tasks for some extraneous folders that were left after the installation
  5. Multiple minor bug fixes and adjustments

v1.0.0.82 Beta

Release Date: 05/08/2023
  1. Added the ability to send logs to gotomyerp support even without an existing company added
  2. When running a connection diagnostic, the user will now have the option to receive live connection feedback about their connection quality
  3. Added an option to perform a connection test to ensure that all gotomyerp components are accessible from the user's environment
  4. Added some additional logic to further address the second credential prompt related to opening files from the FileBridge drive
  5. Introduced anonymous usage analytics
  1. (FIXED) The connectivity test was failing under certain variables. This has now been resolved
  2. (FIXED) The AppDashboard icon was sometimes now showing up in the "Programs and Features" screen
  3. (FIXED) Certain combination of boxes between the "check for updates" and "Update app with beta version" would cause the update message to not correctly show up
  4. (FIXED) When moving the settings window inside the main AppDashboard window, the window would behave erratically
  5. (FIXED) Pushing the "Optimize" button was throwing an error
  6. (FIXED) When minimizing the AppDashboard after running the connection test, 2 icons were showing up on the taskbar

v1.0.1.1 (GA)

Release Date: 06/01/2023

We are happy to announce that the AppDashboard is now out of Beta and is Generally Available. 
Thank you so much for taking the time to submit your feedback and bug reports, and for your patience as we worked through those to bring you the best experience possible.

  1. The application versioning system has now been reset in this release where:
    1. The last number increasing would indicate a Beta release (i.e: (Beta)
      1. Make sure to check "Update app when Beta version is available" checkbox in your AppDashboard "Settings" menu to receive those updates
    2. The second to last number increasing would indicate the next GA release (i.e: (GA)
      1. Make sure check the "Check for update when application starts" checkbox in your AppDashboard "Settings" menu to receive those updates
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