How to download a QuickBooks backup to FileBridge

How do I download a Quickbooks backup to my local workstation?

In order to download a backup of your Quickbooks file, you can simply perform a backup, and save it to the G: drive, and then pick it up from your FileBridge group drive.
Please watch the video below for the step by step to do so.
Also, please note the following cautions and limitations:

  • Your Quickbooks data file needs to be within the Quota limit of your FileBridge group or user drive. By default, the Free FileBridge has a 1Gb quota for the group, and 500Mb for each user.
  • Normally, your workstation can download a file up to 50 Mb in size from FileBridge. If you receive an error regarding the "file size limit exceeded" while downloading your file, please take a look at this article to resolve, and increase the file size limit up to 4Gb.
  • When trying to save a Portable File (QBP, not a Backup file) or an Accountant's copy (QBX), you might receive the following below error:
    Note 1: You may not have sufficient permissions to create a portable company file from this computer. Please try creating the portable company file from the server: (SERVER_NAME)

    If you receive the above error please contact support and we can upgrade your configuration to accommodate the above.

  • In order to access the file that you created you will need to have FileBridge on your computer, If you do not have FileBridge then click the below link to install the FileBridge

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