How to Create and Restore an Accountant's Copy in QuickBooks

How to Create and Restore an Accountant's Copy in QuickBooks

Creating an Accountant's Copy:

In order to create an Accountant's Copy of your QuickBooks file and then copy it to your computer, please follow the steps in the below link

Restoring an Accountant's Copy:

To restore the Accountant's Copy that you receive back from your accountant (.QBY):

  • Place the Accountant's copy in your FileBridge Group drive (G: drive)
  • Open your the QuickBooks Company file corresponding with the Accountant's copy you want to import
  • Go to "File > Send Company File > Accountant's Copy > Client Activities > Import Accountant's Change from File"
  • Browse to the Accountant's copy file (.QBY) in the G: drive
  • Complete the backup of the Company File (Required)
    • Point the Backup to Q:\<Company Name> Backup
  • Accept your accountant's changes and complete the merge back to your Company File.
    • We recommend that you also save a PDF copy of your changes at this step, for your reference. a PDF copy will also be saved by default in the same folder as your Company File.

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