Reasons why a session may get disconnected

Why do I keep getting disconnected from my session?

At random times, the session seems to get disconnected. When you log back in, in most cases, the application is where you left off.
There are a few reasons why you may get disconnected from your application.
  • Having the same user login to the same session from different devices
  • Having some intermittent internet connectivity problems, which could cause the session to be interrupted
  • Having some local problem with your local connection within your network, or wireless connectivity
  • Having some bad hardware that is contributing to a bad experience
  • Computer is set to go to Sleep/Hybernate/Standby while a remote session is active


There are a few logical steps to follow to troubleshoot this issue, please follow those in order to reach the most efficient conclusion regarding the reason for disconnects:

  1. gotomyerp allows only one device at time logged in to an application.  Having a second device login while the first is already in the system will transfer that session to the last device that connected. This can be used as an advantageous feature for those users who would like to move from their desktop to their laptop or mobile device without losing their work. 
    In all other instance where the above is not the intended goal, make sure that you have no one in your office logging in to gotomyerp from another computer or device with your same credentials.

    Note for Mac Users: The credentials are usually embedded in the client configuration for Mac users, in those situations, please open up the Mac user's Remote Desktop client and check the "Remote Resources" option to make sure your credentials are not being used there. ( Check the instructions for the Mac setup )
  2. Check your internet connectivity with your Internet Provider or your IT folks, to make sure that you do not have any problems with general connectivity.
    It is important to note that the fact that email and web browsing is working, is not a good indication that the internet is functioning optimally. A more realistic test, though still not completely accurate, would be to attempt to stream a video or some music, and see if you experience any buffering. Further, please try to run the Bandwidth Test Utility (Simply download and run it, then fill in the form to begin the test).
  3. Check your connection within your local network, in case you are experiencing any problems with your local wireless network, or any hardware that you are using. Your IT support should be able to assist with troubleshooting this.

  4. Check your computer's power settings, and make sure that your computer does not go to Standby/Hybernate/Sleep while you have a connected session. If this does happen, you would need to forcefully terminate your RemoteApp and relaunch. This is due to the way a streaming application works. 
  5. Finally, you can go ahead and open a ticket and request a check on your server.

Please be aware that we take connectivity problems very seriously, and have a lot of measures in place to notify us when there are problems. In most cases, the problem is not on the hosting side . However, if it is, we will more often be the ones notifying you of a problem that we are working on resolving before you ever get a chance to contact us about the same.

Please be advised that local network problem troubleshooting, per terms of service, is outside of the scope of normal support. gotomyerp support will only assist, at its sole discretion, with local network problems on the client's side. Certain levels of troubleshooting and solutions will be billed at an hourly rate.




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