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            How do I setup Application access when using a Mac?

            Do you prefer going through an Interactive Guide of the below steps? please Click to Access the Getting Started Interactive Guide

            If you have not yet reset your password, please refer to:

            STEP 2: Login To Your Application (Mac Users Only)
            In order to login to your gotomyerp hosted service on a an Apple Device. (This would apply to both OS X, as well as iOS devices), you need to download the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client.

            If you are just getting started, please fill in the values from your Company Info Sheet (CIS) that correspond with the number mentioned at the appropriate step.

            • Click the Download or Install button
              Please note that you will need to have your AppleID and Password available to proceed with the installation. gotomyerp cannot assist you with recovering this. You can try to go to the AppleID Recovery Page to find out what it is.

            • Navigate to your Applications folder, and launch the Microsoft Remote Desktop app: 

            Alternatively, you can search for the app in Spotlight, search for : Microsoft Remote Desktop

            • When the application launches, click on "Remote Resources" , then fill in the information as follows:
            • URL: https://<yourURL>
              The above can be found in your provisioning email.
            • Username: <username>
              Your username can be found in your provisioning email
            • Password: <your password>
              This is the password you setup in the previous step.

            Please note the following points: 
            • Your password cannot be reset from this client. To reset your password, please login to your portal. (i.e: https://<youURL> , then go through the password reset procedures.
            • Once your password has been reset and/or changed. you need to make sure to Preferences.../ User Accounts , and update your password there. Otherwise, you will receive an error when refreshing your resources, and they will not be listed in the main window. 
            • Your password does expire every 180 days, so please ensure that you are enrolled in SSRPM, by following the password reset procedures.

            STEP 3: Setup FileBridge On Your Mac

            Updated: 11 Jul 2019 09:54 AM
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