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            How to Create and Restore an Accountant's Copy in QuickBooks

            Creating an Accountant's Copy:

            In order to create an Accountant's Copy, please Submit a Ticket first, as your environment limits creating those on your own.

            With the ticket please specify the "Dividing Date" that you would like the Accountants Copy to be set as. 
            IMPORTANT: To create an Accountants copy, we need to be logged in as Admin in Single User mode to the company file in questions.
            If you are looking to have the file during business hours, please plan accordingly with your team to avoid any delays in your request.
            Please note that your company file with an exported accountant copy will have some limitations, please review them here:

            Support will then send you a link with the Accountant copy file (.QBX) (Which you can send to your accountant)

            Restoring an Accountant's Copy:

            To restore the Accountant's Copy that you receive back from your accountant (.QBY):
            • Place the Accountant's copy in your FileBridge Group drive (G: drive)
            • Open your the QuickBooks Company file corresponding with the Accountant's copy you want to import
            • Go to "File > Send Company File > Accountant's Copy > Client Activities > Import Accountant's Change from File"
            • Browse to the Accountant's copy file (.QBY) in the G: drive
            • Complete the backup of the Company File (Required)
              • Point the Backup to Q:\<Company Name> Backup
            • Accept your accountant's changes and complete the merge back to your Company File.
              • We recommend that you also save a PDF copy of your changes at this step, for your reference. a PDF copy will also be saved by default in the same folder as your Company File.

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