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            Sage 100 appears to launch but cannot see the login window


            When launching Sage the user experiences some or all of the following (not all inclusive of symptoms)
            • The application appears to be launching, but Sage would not show up
            • Odd display of the Sage application


            If the user is using Sage on a computer which had 2 or more monitors, and the Sage application was last opened on a secondary monitor, which now no longer exists on a single-monitor system. The sage application remembers its position on the screen in the previous multi-monitor setup, placing the Sage application outside of the view of the primary monitor.


            To resolve this issue:
            • Close out of Sage
            • If you have the "Force Session Logoff" icon on your portal, run it.
            • Open your FileBridge drive:
              • Navigate to: User/<USERNAME>/Documents
              • Delete the folder named "Sage 100"
            • Re-launch Sage 100

            Please note that doing so, will reset any specific tasks or toolbar settings that you had personalized in Sage. you will have to re-customize those.

            Updated: 21 Feb 2019 06:16 AM
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