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            What are the requirements to connect to the gotomyerp service?

            The basic requirements to connect to the gotomyerp service are very simple. However, in some situations, and when connected to a locked down corporate network, some adjustments might be required in order to allow successful connection to the various gotomyerp services.

            Basic Requirements (for the End Users):

            Operating Systems:
            Internet Connection:
            • Internet connection: On average, about 100-200Kbps per connection.
              These can vary drastically, depending on a many factors, including but not limited to:
              • Number of overall users using the connection
              • The types of activities being performed on the network in general
              • The types of documents of activities performed on the remote connection. (a Powerpoint or YouTube consume drastically more bandwidth than a normal text file.
            Please refer to the gotomyerp Remote Network Bandwidth Usage for in-depth detail about network and bandwidth requirements.
            • Internet Explorer 11 is the only browser supported for a smooth experience.
              Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge will work with some caveats but are not supported.
            • For the Mac platform, any browser can be used for account management and password reset.
            • For the Mac platform, the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client from the app store is required to launch RemoteApps.
            Firewall and Security:
            • Antivirus, Security software, Windows Firewall, and Corporate Firewall, Network Detection/Prevention Systems (NPS/NDS) need to allow traffic to the following:
              • Your hosting URL (Provided to you on onboarding) on port 443.
              • Exclude the executable: FileBridgeClient.exe (typically installed on the user's desktop) from being blocked from running by security software
              • Allow the user to run the executable: FileBridgeClient.exe  without being blocked by UAC. This is a one time run.
              • Allow inbound/outbound communication to the FileBridge port. this port would also be specified upon onboarding.
              • Allow the file AdminLocalMachine.exe to run. This runs from within the FileBridge client, and requires local admin privileges and a reboot to apply.
            .NET Framework and Powershell
            • Newer OSs (Windows 8/8.1/10) already include everything required.
            • For Windows 7 Operating Systems, and though not currently required, it is highly recommended to install the Windows Management Framework 4.0. If your organization does not have any dependencies on the old version of Powershell v2.0, we recommend installing this update. (Reboot Required)


            More Details (for IT Professionals) Requirements (for larger or locked down environments):

            Certain matters as they pertain to connectivity, can be due to some lock downs within corporate environments.
            gotomyerp will make a best effort recommendation regarding required network settings and configurations. However, because each organization is different, gotomyerp cannot advise on specifics beyond what is described in this document and linked documents.
            Internet Connection and LAN Considerations
            • In some instances, Quality of Service (QoS) rules are in place to limit the bandwidth consumed by each user. For optimal performance, we recommend that all traffic to gotomyerp servers is allowing each user at least 2Mbps/2Mbps down for bandwidth limits.
            • Networks which have Voice over IP (VoIP) running, should separate their VoIP traffic from their data traffic on separate VLANs per VoIP recommendations. This requires an infrastructure with managed switches to accomplish.
            • If set by GPO, change the following setting: Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Local Policies -> Security Options -> LAN Manager Authentication Level : Value: Send NTLMV2 response only (More Info)
            Browsers and Firewall/Workstation Security
            • If Group Policy is used to secure user's workstations, it might impede the successful functioning of the RemoteApp on the user's workstation. For this reason, we recommend the following:
              • That the hosted site (provided upon provisioning), or simply * be added to the Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer.
                • Depending on the lockdown of this GPO, further adjustments might be needed under the Trusted Sites:
                  • User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Internet Control Panel > Security Page > Trusted Sites Zone (or Locked-Down Trusted Sites Zones, depending on whether IEESC is enabled)
                    • Download Signed ActiveX controls -> Enabled
                    • Automatic Prompting for ActiveX controls -> Enabled
                  • User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Internet Control Panel > Advanced Page
                    • Do Not Save Encrypted Pages on Disk -> Disabled
            • For FileBridge to function, the Internet Explorer setting should also be changed, under Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > Custom Level
              • Change from Automatic Login in Intranet Zone to Automatic Logon with Current Username and Password
            • Firewall and security settings should be setup to allow outbound access to the FileBridge URL, which is provided upon provisioning
              • To verify that it is working, a telnet to the port can be used:
              • telnet <portnumber>
              • If the connection succeeds, then FileBridge should function correctly.
            • Add * to the internet trusted sites using group policy, If your portal is other than, then add *
            Single Sign-On
            Single-Sign is not referring to one that would pass-through authentication from your corporate network, but rather passing authentication from the gotomyerp application portal to the applications themselves when launched, within the gotomyerp environment.
            • The above browser settings are required to allow a Microsoft ActiveX plugin to install: MsRdpClientShell Class
            Upon first access of the gotomyerp application portal, and ActiveX plugin needs to be installed, and the user will be prompted with a similar prompt. This plugin needs to be installed to allow the user to pass through their authentication from the portal, to the RemoteApp.

            • You can check whether the plugin is installed by going to the following:
              • Internet Options > Programs > Manage Add-ons: Make sure that the MsRdpClientShell Class is in the list and enabled
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