Printers Not Showing in Hosted Application

Printers Not Showing in Hosted Application


When trying to print in your hosted application, your local printers did not get redirected, and there are no available printers to print.
  1. Solution

  1. The guidance below only applies if you are not using TSPrint

Standard Printing Method

Remove Specific Printers

If any of the printers listed below are installed on your computer, please uninstall or delete them:
  1. Sage 100 PDF Converter
  2. ABS PDF Driver
  3. Amyuni PDF

Default Printer Settings

  1. Your default printer should be an actual printer, not a PDF printer. Avoid using PDF printers like Cute PDF or Microsoft PDF as your default.
  2. Ensure that your default printer is connected and not set to 'offline' mode.

During Printing

  1. Avoid selecting a PDF Writer as your printer while printing documents

Virtual Printer Option

  1. If you do not have a physical printer available to set as your default, consider setting up a virtual printer. (See How)

Final Steps

  1. After confirming the above settings are correctly applied, close all hosted applications.
  2. Perform a "Force Session Logoff" by selecting "Yes" (Red circle with X  )  in the Application Portal/AppDashboard. (See How)

TSPrint Printing Method

With TSPrint, unless you have any special printing setup, the printers that will be available are: TSPrint, TSPrint Default, TSPrint PDF
To print:
  1. Select TSPrint Default: This will print to your default printer set on your workstation (This is the default setting)
  2. Select TSPrint Printer: This will be following a printer dialog box where you can choose the printer to print to
Before this will work, it is important to have the TSPrint client installed on your workstation. 
Please see below article for installing the TSPrint client and more information on usage.

The TSPrint Client installer requires local administrative privileges to run. Please consult with your IT if you don't know whether you have these rights on your workstation.

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