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            Addressing "Remote Desktop Connection has stopped working" message


            When launching a RemoteApp from the application portal, the following (or a similar window) pops up, and as a result the RemoteApp does not launch. 

            This problem can be due to a number of reasons that are related to the workstation, we'll list three main ones below:
            • Corrupt printer drivers
            • Certain configurations within the RDP applications
            • Software installed on the computer


            NOTE: The solution provided in this article are a courtesy guidance to solve this problem. Please note that gotomyerp does not support workstation troubleshooting. If the suggestions below do not resolve the problem, please contact your local IT for further troubleshooting. 
            DISCLAIMER: Some of the below procedures may require access to system files, and/or uninstallation of software that may or not be used, and could result in loss of functionality, or breaking your Operating System if not done correctly. 
            gotomyerp is not responsible for any system breakage as a result of any actions performed. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

            Corrupt Printer Drivers

            One of the most common reasons for this error is due to corrupt printer drivers. In order to find if it's the printer driver which is doing it, please do the following:
            1. Click on Start > type "services.msc" in the search field and press enter
            2. In the services window, look for the following entry: Print Spooler.
            3. Double click and set the "Startup type" as "Disabled"
            4. Under "Service status" click on "stop" and click "OK"

            Stopping and disabling the Print Spooler service will disable and stop your printers. Please try to login again, if it works, then one of your printer drivers is corrupt and is causing this issue. If the issue still exists after you disable and stop the print spooler service please go to next section (Configuration with RDP). Also, please note that you would have to undo the two above changes for the computer to start printing again.

            However, if stopping the print spooler service fixes your issue you would have to identify which printer is causing it by deleting them one by one. Two of the most common print drivers which can cause this issue are
            1. Amyuni Document Converter
            2. ABS PDF Driver
            Please set the Startup type for Print spooler service to automatic and click on Start under service status, then go to your printers (Start -> Control Panel -> Devices and printers) and then delete the two above print drivers (Amyuni Document Converter & ABS PDF Driver) if they exist. 

            If deleting the above printer drivers do not resolve your issue, you need to delete all your printers one by one to identify which one is causing the issue. Please note that you might need to involve your IT to assist you with the process of reinstalling the drivers.

            Configurations with RDP

            1. A common reason for this could be a conflict with audio drivers on the workstation. Disabling the audio redirection could solve this problem
            2. Even though this solution could disable the functionality of printing, it could point to incompatible print drivers on your workstation. Disabling printer redirection could also help
            3. Clearing the Terminal Service cache could also help
            You can find a blog article that walks through these steps HERE and HERE

            Software Conflicts

            When software conflicts exist, it will often show the problematic module. After receiving the STOP error, click on the "View problem details", or checking the Windows event viewer can point to the faulting module. 

            The line that could point in the right direction could look something like this:
            Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\LogonDemo64.dll
            The dll could/would very likely be different, but it is something to use to research what software may be related to that dll. 

            Current known software to cause problems. If any software on this list is installed on your system, please attempt to uninstall it, and see if it resolves the problem. 
            • HP SimplePass -- A software that comes pre-installed with a lot of HP desktops/laptops.
            This list will be appended as additional software incompatibilities are discovered. 

            Finally, there is a great deal of resources on the internet that could help with finding a solution to this problem. Here is a sample Google Search.

            * Did you find a broken link in this article? please report those to us, and we'll be happy to update this article.

            Updated: 18 Aug 2018 07:45 AM
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